HealieTech - Born Global Summit Giveaway Winners

March 10, 2022

HealieTech's team, Sibi and Dr. Christel, attended the Houston Tech Rodeo from Feb 28th to March 4th. It was such a phenomenal experience - we both had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many great Houston entrepreneurs. We spent time at the Ion Accelerator, amongst other places, networking with many.

Thanks to our Born Global Community and their leaders, Sunny Zhang and Natasha Gorodetsky, HealieTech was able to get an Exhibit table at the Born Global Summit on Friday, March 4th. In an effort to grab as many contacts and as much attention as possible, we hosted a giveaway of 6 dynamo tickets with club level access, as well as free parking, food, and drink.

The video shows the winners of the HealieTech giveaway! Congratulations to the winners!!

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