HealieTech <> Capital Factory Golden Ticket

February 27, 2022

HealieTech was invited to pitch at the Ion Accelerators' "Houston Startup Showcase" for an opportunity to win a cash prize. HealieTech pitched our self-healing wiring insulation to a full house of entrepreneurs and investors. After the event, our team, Dr. Christel Bastida and Sibi Shanthi, both stayed after to meet new people and network the company.

We had the opportunity to meet so many great people who had a lot of questions for us. While we may not have won the event, our goals for the event were met, as we were able to connect with so many great people, including one individual from Capital Factory in Houston. Our team quickly connected with him, and were able to set up a meeting to learn more about how we can get in the Capital Factory network.

Not long after, a Golden Ticket was offered to us so we could utilize Capital Factory's resources for several months to accelerate the growth of our business. We are so thankful to be one of a rare set of companies to be awarded a Golden Ticket. We will use it wisely!!

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