HealieTech <> NASA License

February 28, 2022

HealieTech was born from a startup studio named FedTech.io. FedTech connects ambitious and capable entrepreneurs with one-of-a-kind technology developed by government organizations such as NASA, DoD, and Homeland Security. The goal for the entrepreneurs is to come up with an effective commercialization strategy for the technology they chose.

Our technology is a Self-Healing Materials technology that was first introduced to us by FedTech. We were able to read the documentation for the technology as well as discuss the technology with the inventor himself. We were in continuous conversations with NASA along with industry experts to find a product market fit for this unique technology.

HealieTech was able to land on the Self-Healing Wiring Insulation use case due to the sheer monetary impact it has on several industries. In an effort to continue development for the particular use-case, HealieTech applied for a license to the self-healing materials patent. HealieTech was awarded the license, and we are now able to take the next step towards developing and testing our Self-Healing Wiring Insulation.

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