Self-Healing Wiring Insulation

Product Background

As wireless as modern electronics seem, wiring remains a critical component in today’s electronic equipment.

The internet requires intact undersea cables. Manned and unmanned vehicles on earth and in space contain wiring. All of these systems rely on the integrity of wiring in order to function.

Unfortunately, this wiring often becomes overheated, faces environmental insults, gets nicked, and chafes.

The result is skyrocketing maintenance costs, loss of high value assets, loss of equipment, loss of critical information, and loss of life. HEALIETECH has solved this problem with our Self-Healing Wiring Insulation.

Product Details

HealieTech's self-healing wiring insulation is a one-of-a-kind solution for wiring. When cracks or small nicks occur, instead of shorting, our wiring releases a healing agent via microcapsules into the damaged area to facilitate continued functionality without the need for human intervention.

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